Austin, Texas – Even “Light” Staging Helps a Home Show Better


Design Rewind-Vignette Kitchen Staging

Have you ever wondered how much Staging is enough when you’re trying to sell your home?  Should you have your home Staged top to bottom?  Or should you only have certain rooms staged?  How much is too much, or alternatively, how much is too little?

These are good questions to consider when it comes to preparing your home for sale.  And unfortunately, there is no one right answer for every home!  Each house and seller’s situation is different, and the extent of Home Staging will depend on the seller’s budget, time frame and market for the home.

Design Rewind-Vignette Fireplace Staging

As a professional Home Stager, I always recommend you have as much Staging done as financially possible, so your potential buyers do not have to guess at the purpose of any rooms.  A fully Staged home has good flow from room to room, and there are no surprises around the next corner for your buyers.

However, sometimes a seller’s budget is very tight, and a full Staging is just not possible.  In these cases, light (or what Stagers call “Vignette”) Staging is a viable alternative.  Using what the seller already has, and bringing in just a few key accessories, I can create Emotional Connection points throughout the house that draw buyers’ attention.

Light Staging warms up traditionally “hard” areas like the kitchen and bathrooms.  It keeps a house from feeling unwelcoming and cold.  Having your home Staged is not just for the rich; it benefits any house needing to be sold, no matter what the price point.
Don’t let your budget keep you from preparing your home the best you can for today’s market.  Hiring a professional Home Stager is a worthwhile investment in the future sale of your home!