Austin, Texas – Even “Light” Staging Helps a Home Show Better

  Have you ever wondered how much Staging is enough when you're trying to sell your home?  Should you have your home Staged top to bottom?  Or should you only have certain rooms staged?  How much is too much, or alternatively, how much is too little? These are good questions to … [Read more...]

Making Buyer Connections – Lightly Staging Vacant Homes in Austin, Texas

We've all heard that vacant homes don't show well.  But what if your budget doesn't allow for rental furniture to fill those empty rooms? Light Staging, sometimes known as Vignette Staging or Buyer Connection Staging, can be an option for today's cash-strapped seller.  Full-fledged professional … [Read more...]

Leased Homes Benefit From Home Staging in Austin, Texas

There's no denying that these are tough economic times, and the Real Estate Market has certainly felt that impact nation-wide. While many people see the value in Home Staging when it comes time to sell, as a professional Home Stager I often get asked whether it's worthwhile to stage a home that … [Read more...]