Why do I want to spend money on a house I’m trying to sell? Shouldn’t I save my money to spend on my new house?

Good question. In an ideal world, our treasured homes would sell exactly how they look, for exactly the amount we asked for. In reality however, there are many homes on the market competing for buyers’ attention, and those buyers have very high expectations. Leaving your house in “AS IS” condition only helps sell the competition. According to U.S. Housing and Urban Development reports, a staged home will sell (on average) 17% higher than a house that’s not been staged. Watching your house languish on the market and take its’ first price reduction is much more painful than investing a small amount in home staging for a faster, more profitable sale.

Why can’t I just stage my home myself?

Your time is valuable. So is a home stager’s expertise. Skill and talent in home staging does not just come naturally to everyone. If a talented artist were to tell someone how to paint, do you think the finished painting would be as good as the artist’s? Home staging takes time and resources, and a home stager has both, as well as a passion for interiors. Hiring a home stager is a worthwhile investment, freeing you to relax and be satisfied you’ve done absolutely everything possible to affect a quick and more profitable sale. Your home is your most valuable commodity……….doesn’t it deserve the time and attention of a professional?

What is the difference between staging and redesign?

Staging is the art of using marketing and decorating techniques to create an environment that buyers can aspire to. Depersonalizing the space, modernizing the style and eliminating clutter allows the buyer to emotionally connect with the home and picture themselves living there.

Redesign, on the other hand, is the art of using organizational and decorating techniques to create environments that are comfortable, beautiful and personal to you. By using what you already have with a few fresh updates, we’re able to define your style and help you “feel home” in your space. This is the home you envisioned that is a perfect reflection of you!

Staging Defined…

Serving the Greater Austin area, Design Rewind believes that successful staging is a combination of marketing and decorating techniques, directed at making a buyer “feel home” in a space. It incorporates several aspects of home “improvement”, such as decluttering, furniture arrangement, organization solutions and style updates.

Staging is a full-time, detail-oriented service that requires the expertise of a trained, professional company like Design Rewind. According to statistics, only 10% of homebuyers can visualize the potential of a home. And most home sellers, on the other hand, cannot view their houses objectively, which means they can’t effectively “package” their most valuable asset. Having your house professionally staged means your home’s advantages will not be overlooked and left to the buyer’s imagination.

Here in Central Texas the market is competitive, and staging gets your home into its most advantageous condition for showing. Successful Realtors are experts at marketing their clients’ homes, and shouldn’t have to take on the job of preparing houses for market as well. Staging takes time and resources that most home owners and real estate agents simply do not have.
At Design Rewind, we are passionate about homes and staging, and would like the opportunity to help you and your Realtor get your home SOLD!