Making Buyer Connections – Lightly Staging Vacant Homes in Austin, Texas

We’ve all heard that vacant homes don’t show well.  But what if your budget doesn’t allow for rental furniture to fill those empty rooms?

Light Staging, sometimes known as Vignette Staging or Buyer Connection Staging, can be an option for today’s cash-strapped seller.  Full-fledged professional staging is always the best option when trying to sell your home, but sometimes that just isn’t possible.  So what are your options?

Vignette Staged Fireplace

When lightly staging a vacant home with only accessories, I always address these focal points: 

Kitchens:  Filled with “hard” surfaces, this room can always benefit from warm touches.  Small plants, cookbooks on stands, colorful tea towels and decorative baskets can go a long way to make a kitchen more welcoming to potential buyers.

Fireplaces:  If the home has a fireplace, it will almost always be the focal point of a room.  Even without furniture, you can make a fireplace stand out by adding candles, some art and perhaps a plant to make the most of this selling feature.

Bathrooms:  Although bathrooms can be utilitarian, buyers prefer a spa-like feel in these rooms when shopping for a home.  Thick, fluffy towels in neutral colors are always inviting.  Adding in luxury-feel items like candles, picture frames and decorative art can improve a buyer’s perception of these spaces.

So remember, there are many options for staging when you’re looking to sell your home.  For all your Home Staging needs (no matter what your budget), Design Rewind ( of Austin, Texas has the solution.

Where, “we stage every house to be a buyer’s next home!”