Restyle and Revitalize Your Interiors with Austin’s Design Rewind

The holidays are over and Spring is just around the corner.   With our personal schedules overflowing with activities and responsibilities, it’s becoming more and more important that our homes feel like a place of rest and respite.

Many people love their homes, but may not be thrilled with their interior decorating.  That’s where Redesign, or Restyling can be helpful.  Design Rewind, an Austin-based Home Staging and Redesign company, can help you refresh, rearrange and revitalize your home’s spaces. 

You likely purchased your house because you fell in love with it; we help you regain a new sense of appreciation for your home.  This is especially relevant in today’s tough Real Estate market, where it’s not always feasible or practical to move.  Many people are staying put and choosing to update their current home instead. 

What is Redesign or Restyling?  Well, it’s a number of things.  It could be choosing a great new paint color to refresh your walls through our Color Consultation service.  Or it could be finding better organization solutions for your “stuff” with our Home Organization Service. 

Redesign can involve rearranging your existing furniture to complement your space and create better flow throughout your home.  Purchasing new accessories or repurposing existing ones can greatly enhance any room, and is a great budget-conscious solution when you want a new look without a complete room overhaul.   And should you need help choosing flooring, countertops, fixtures or finishes, we can help you with that, too. 

Our Redesign services are available half day, whole day and by the hour, based on your particular budget and needs.  Call 512-417-2876 to set up a consultation with Design Rewind.  We’ll help you Restyle and Revitalize YOUR home today!