Austin, Texas – Staging to Live (Redesign) Helps Homeowners

There are no measurable statistics for Staging to Live (Redesign), but there are many emotional and personally valuable dividends: Staging maximizes your furnishings investment.  Staging to live gets the most value out of your household furnishings, through good "flow" in your home, organized and … [Read more...]

Realtors and Home Stagers – A Beneficial Partnership in Austin, Tx

Considering putting your home on the market?  Two people can be your best sources of help when it comes to home selling:  the Realtor and the Home Stager.  Real Estate Professionals know their markets and how to price your house right to attract potential buyers.  They're experts at marketing your … [Read more...]

Beyond Home Staging in Austin, Texas with Design Rewind

So you've sold your current home and  purchased a new one .  You may have chosen to upsize to accomodate your growing family, or you may have downsized to reflect your new status as "empty nesters".   You're faced with a new space to arrange and make a personal reflection of your family, but you … [Read more...]

Home Staging…Never Static, Always Evolving

The Home Staging Industry is continually evolving to meet the needs of today's buyers, sellers and Realtors.  Having attended in January  the 2nd Annual RESA Conference (Real Estate Staging Association) in Las Vegas, I can say unequivocally that this industry is current, relevant and necessary in … [Read more...]

Restyle and Revitalize Your Interiors with Austin’s Design Rewind

The holidays are over and Spring is just around the corner.   With our personal schedules overflowing with activities and responsibilities, it's becoming more and more important that our homes feel like a place of rest and respite. Many people love their homes, but may not be thrilled with their … [Read more...]