Beyond Home Staging in Austin, Texas with Design Rewind

So you’ve sold your current home and  purchased a new one .  You may have chosen to upsize to accomodate your growing family, or you may have downsized to reflect your new status as “empty nesters”.   You’re faced with a new space to arrange and make a personal reflection of your family, but you haven’t a clue where to start.  All of your furnishings worked perfectly in your old home, but you can’t seem to achieve the same look in your new place.  What now??

Design Rewind

Interior Redesign (sometimes known as Staging to Live or Interior Arranging) is an excellent solution to your quandary:

Interior Redesign is relatively inexpensive.  Many people live in their homes, dissatisfied with their interiors but afraid of what the cost will be to update it.  That’s why Staging to Live is such a great solution:  As a professional Home Stager and Redesigner, I work with what you already own as much as possible, to avoid a big furniture expenditure. And Interior Redesign is about arranging your possessions in your home, not changing the architectural design of your home.  Stagers are not remodelers or architects, and we work with what’s already in place in your home.

Interior Redesigners look at your house as a whole.  It can be hard to look at your furniture and accessories and picture them being used in any other way than they are now.   But a Redesigner can view your entire house from the perspective of what items work best where, and how to make them all flow together.  We can “shop” other rooms to create a cohesive look throughout, and avoid the dreaded “empty room/overcrowded room” scenario.

Well chosen accessories are the “bling” that make a home stand out and tie all the loose ends together.  A beautiful sofa and coffee table set can look stunning, but if there’s nothing else in the room besides that, it’s going to feel cold and unwelcoming.  Adding greenery, lamps, pictures/artwork, etc. is the finishing touch to a look.  They define your style and, in a way, tell the story of your life.  And accessories do not have to be expensive………..a $20.00 lamp and a $5.00 picture frame can make a side table a display piece.

When you love your home, it becomes your respite from the world.  Our lives today are unendingly busy and sometimes chaotic.  Modern society demands our total attention and energy every day of the week.  So when you finally get to go home, you want a place that refreshes you and just makes you feel……….good.  If your house has furniture that doesn’t fit, colors you can’t stand, and clutter that threatens to drown you, you are not being refreshed!  Hiring an Interior Redesigner to come in and give you a fresh perspective on your home, as well as help you define your needs and wants,  is time and money well spent.

So the next time you walk through your front door and think for the thousandth time, “I’ve really got to do something about this place”, consider calling a Home Stager or Redesigner.  Like the old saying goes………….you’ve got questions, and we’ve got answers.  Call Design Rewind today at (512)417-2876 to schedule your Redesign Appointment today!