Austin, Texas – Staging to Live (Redesign) Helps Homeowners

Staging by Design Rewind

There are no measurable statistics for Staging to Live (Redesign), but there are many emotional and personally valuable dividends:

Staging maximizes your furnishings investment.  Staging to live gets the most value out of your household furnishings, through good “flow” in your home, organized and efficient furniture arrangements and reasonable accessory updates.

Color profoundly influences us.  Color strongly influences or lives/psyche, whether we realize it or not.  It can calm, motivate, or energize you.  It can also have the opposite effect!  A professional Home Stager and Redesigner can consult with you on the best colors to suit you and your home.

Staging to Live brings peace to a house.  Consider a home that just feels “right”:  there isn’t one thing you can put your finger on, it just feels pleasing to you.  That is Staging to Live, and it means all the furnishings have a purpose, and clutter is minimized.  The organizational component to Home Staging means a family can focus on their lives, not their stuff.

Staging to Sell will be much easier.  Much less needs to be done for resale when a home is already Staged to Live.  And not only will your buyers benefit from a home that’s been staged, but you’ll have been able to enjoy living in it, as well!  Too many homeowners put off Redesigning or Staging their homes until it comes time to sell, which is a shame.  They never get to enjoy their home as it could have been!

A professional Home Stager and Redesigner can help you get the most benefit and enjoyment from your current home.  In today’s hectic and demanding world, we all want a place that says “Welcome Home”.  Call Design Rewind today at 512-417-2876 to schedule an Initial Consultation today!