Front Porch Staging in Austin, Texas

We’ve all heard about the importance of “curb appeal” when selling our homes.  What potential buyers see from the street can decide whether they’ll even cross your threshold.

Tidy yards, trimmed bushes and clean driveways are all positive assets.  But it doesn’t stop there.  If you really want to make a good impression on your buyers, don’t forget the impact of your front entrance.

Many homes have some sort of front porch area.  Even a tiny covered area above your front door can qualify as one.  First impressions are everything, and as buyers stand waiting for their agent to open the door, you have only one opportunity to make one.  As a Professional Home Stager with Design Rewind (www.MyDesignRewind), here are my must-do’s:

Clean, Clean, Clean:  Even the exterior of your home can sparkle!  Powerwash your front path/driveway to remove any stains.  Clean any windows around the door area until they sparkle; think of your windows as the “eyes” of your home.  Remove any spiderwebs you see, and sweep away any lingering debris. 

Declutter the area:  If it doesn’t have to do with the entrance of your home, it shouldn’t be there!  Clear away all toys, dead plants, chemicals, etc. to give a clear view of your house.

Refresh your door:  Does your door look like it’s seen better days?  Buyers love sharp-looking doors, so it’s worth the investment of time to clean yours up.  Consider painting it a fresh new color, or restaining a wooden door that’s become faded.  If your hardware is dated, new sets can be purchased reasonably at home improvement stores.

Add welcoming furniture:  If your porch has space, a chair or two set out with a side table can be very inviting.  Just make sure the furniture looks clean and fresh, as shabby, dated furniture can send out the wrong message.  Clean or paint existing chairs if you have them, and add a colorful cushion or two.  Buyers like to picture themselves relaxing on their front porch enjoying their neighborhood, so help paint that picture for them with a welcoming sitting area.

Add a pot of color:  Front door area kind of bland?  A colorful, potted plant may be your solution.  Choose easy-care, drought tolerant flowers to perk up the entrance.  Remember to water/fertilize them occasionally, though, as leggy or dead plants are unappealing.

Remember the doormat:  Don’t forget what your buyers will stand on at the front door!  Wash off a gently used mat, or invest in a new one if yours no longer looks fresh. 

Doing all these things tells a potential buyer, “Come in!  See what this house has to offer!”  And when your front porch is appealing, buyers will be curious to see if the rest of your home is, too.