Decorative Window Coverings in Home Staging…..Yes or No?

Design Rewind-Bedroom Before

A well-dressed window can be the finishing touch to a gorgeous room.  When it comes to preparing your home for sale, though, the motto of “less is more” is appropriate.

Today’s buyer loves bright, open homes with plenty of windows.  If those windows are hidden with closed blinds or decorative draperies, buyers cannot see each window’s potential.  Unopened blinds or curtains can make an otherwise wonderful room feel too dark and cave-like.

As a professional Home Stager, I always advise my clients to open every blind in the house before showings, allowing light to stream in and show off their home’s best attributes.

For the homeowner, you need to remember that not every buyer will share your taste in window coverings.  Your decorative draperies may not appeal to potential buyers, so I often recommend toning down the draperies, or removing them entirely.  Like jewelry is an accessory to an outfit, decorative window coverings are often a reflection of personal taste.

My Home Staging advice?  Don’t let personal taste narrow the potential market for your home.  Open those blinds, simplify your decorative draperies, and let the sun shine in!

Design Rewind-Bedroom After