Home Staging to Sell Helps Homeowners in Austin, Texas

Design Rewind

If you look at recent Home Staging statistics from the Real Estate Staging Association (www.realestatestagingassociation.com), you can see there are measurable results from having your home Staged when selling.  However, there are other reasons for staging that aren’t necessarily measurable, but no less important:

Staging brings cleanliness and order to the house.  Would you buy a dirty, cluttered car?  Or go to the store and buy an item that looks used and dirty?  Consider that a house is likely the largest purchase/investment the average person will ever make.  Why would a buyer invest in something substandard?

Design Rewind

Staging provides closure.  It helps homeowners “release” a home with all its memories and associations.  They are now able to move on to the next phase of their lives.

Staging starts the packing process.  Practically speaking, homeowners can get a head start on the packing and preparation to move.

Staging is simple marketing.  If you create a product that buyers desire, you increase the perceived value/worth of a home.  Consider the marketing technique of store windows:  Attractive marketing=increased value=increased profit.

Staging is a small investment.  Home Staging is a relatively small investment that ensures no money is left on the table.

If you’re thinking of selling your home, don’t leave your largest investment up to chance.  Contact a professional Home Staging company like Design Rewind (www.mydesignrewind.com) today to schedule a consultation.  A faster, more profitable home sale tomorrow is worth the investment in Home Staging today!