Leased Homes Benefit From Home Staging in Austin, Texas

There’s no denying that these are tough economic times, and the Real Estate Market has certainly felt that impact nation-wide.

While many people see the value in Home Staging when it comes time to sell, as a professional Home Stager I often get asked whether it’s worthwhile to stage a home that will likely be leased.

While there are some circumstances where staging will not be worthwhile (home is in too poor a condition or general repairs have not been addressed), I almost always recommend some level of staging to improve buyer appeal.

Vignette staging (warm touches placed in kitchens, bathrooms and fireplace mantels of vacant homes) is one example of Home Staging that can benefit homes looking to be leased.  One home recently Vignette Staged by Design Rewind (see inset pictures) leased in 60 days, to the delight of homeowner and Realtor alike.

Vacant homes can seem cold and unappealing to potential buyers.  For a small investment, a Professional Home Stager can bring in inviting accessories to make your home stand out from all the others competing for buyers’ attention.  Call Design Rewind today at 512-417-2876 to set up your consultation appointment, and find out how Home Staging can help your leased properties sell!