Home Staging to Live or Sell in Austin, Texas

Design Rewind

The concept of Home Staging has taken off over the last couple of years.  Many Realtors and Real Estate companies have welcomed the concept of professionals (Stagers) preparing homes for sale.  By neutralizing colors and furniture in the home, sellers are able to appeal to the broadest range of potential buyers.  A win-win situation for all, as houses get sold quicker, and in many cases, for more money.

But what if you aren’t selling your home, but your home could use a fresh look?  And you don’t have a massive budget that can accomodate an entire overhaul of your space?

That’s where having your home staged to live can be a solution.  We take what the owner has and arrange it to work well with the flow of their particular home.  We suggest paint colors that complement your personal taste, and recommend appropriate accessories to complete your look.

Staging to live has many different names, like Redesign or Interior Arranging.  But whatever you call it, consider hiring a stager next time you need decorating advice.  It just may be the best decision you’ve ever made!