Home Stager Austin

Making the decision to hire a Stager when you’re selling your home is not an easy one.  Type the words “Home Staging” into your search bar and hundreds of links will pop up.  So how do you make the right choice when preparing your home to sell?  Here are a few things to look for in a Professional Stager:

  • Portfolio – Ask to see their photos (typically on their website).  Ensure that it is their work and not stock photography. Click here to see Design Rewind’s portfolio)
  • Testimonials – Find out whether others in your city have recommended their services. (click here to see testimonials from homeowners and Realtors)
  • Services/Prices – Are they clear about the services they offer, and the prices they charge? (check out our Services page here)
  • Certifications – The best professional Home Stagers engage in ongoing education to stay abreast of the latest color and interior design trends.  What they do is not a “hobby”, but rather a proven system for helping homeowners and Realtors get their homes sold. Visit our “About Us” page to see our certifications.

Don’t leave choosing the right Home Stager up to chance.  Do your research and choose the right stager/staging company for you.  Call Design Rewind today at 512-417-2876 to see how WE can help YOU sell your home!